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In the Quiet
In the Quiet
Bunnell Street Arts Center
Homer, Alaska

Alaska is big, REALLY big. So, having an exhibit in another town can require an airplane, ferry, or in this case, a 577 mile road trip. I will happily make the trip to Homer again and again. It is charming, beautiful, and everything about my experience exhibiting at the Bunnell Street Art Center was fantastic.
The gorgeous pottery is by ceramic artist Jeff Szarzi.

"In the quiet of the woods I am able to witness the changes I know will take place. Winter light will be low and luminous, April will be muddy, July will be a jungle of green, and September will be filled with color. These familiar and anticipated realities provide a solid foundation. This body of work emphasizes the sights, the seasons, and the changes we know to expect here in the North."