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Point of Entry
Point of Entry
15x9 inches, unframed

Point of Entry provides an intimate view of a tree by illustrating the cellular structure of wood as spores and fungal hyphae enter through a wound and then spread. Throughout the course of this collaboration I spent a lot of time looking at pictures and prepared slides of the cellular structure of plants. I am drawn to the aesthetic qualities of plants at the microscopic level. The patterns created by the cells and the variation among plant species provide much inspiration.

The wound or weak spot is so interesting to me. Just as a cut in your arm provides an entry point for unwanted invaders, a wound to the tree does the same thing. It is obvious and basic, yet interesting both visually and metaphorically.

Dr. Jane Wolken, Program Coordinator with the Alaska Climate Science Center, provided me with image-rich textbooks about wood science, answered numerous questions, and gave me practical tips for preparing slides with wood. We did not collaborate formally, but our conversations and her wealth of knowledge on the topic helped to strengthen my understanding and solidify my ideas.